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Games Computers Play (revised w/Post Office, Biowar 26Mar2012)
Speedscript B
Dos 2.5 mod
Virtual SIO

There will be very little here on emulating the A8 using an ST or a PC.

Games Computers Play(GCP):

was a graphical telecom environment. Quite nice, but didn't last long. There is some interest in getting it running again. See the threads on Atariage HERE and HERE. Or search for "GCP, INC".
PICTURES of the booklet:
The Manuals:
Connect:All Text Only:.doc - .odt - .rtf - .txt - .epub - .pdf
City:All Text Only:.doc - .odt - .rtf - .txt - .epub - .pdf
Post Office:All Text Only:.doc - .odt - .rtf - .txt - .epub - .pdf
          (26mar12:finally done! whew!)
          (03aug11:working on it, there are a lot of ascii diagrams to replace)

Lords of Space:All Text Only: .doc - .odt - .rtf - .txt - .epub - .pdf
CyberWorld: WORKING...Soon All Text Only: .doc - .odt - .rtf - .txt - .epub - .pdf
BioWar:All Text Only:.doc - .odt - .rtf - .txt - .epub - .pdf - - - - With Graphics: .odt

* Note:I have scanned the available manuals once, and have produced the plain text, then formatted as close to the original as I could. A future scan will produce the graphics to be merged or I will use better images from the actual program.
* Note:.doc is MS Word 95 format, .odt is Open Office, .rtf is Wordpad, .txt is a plain ascii file good for reading, and .epub is electronic book format for ereaders. You should "SAVE" these files rather than just clicking them.

Compute!s Speedscript Word Processor:With a fix on directories using 4 digit sector counts. Here. Rename to .EXE after downloading.


Atari DOS 2.5:
I wanted to outline the steps I found to create a ramdisk using extra ram in a 64K machine. Its only 101 sectors. Here's How:
1. Boot DOS 2.5 with Basic installed. POKE 1802,PEEK(1802)+128. PRESS SYSTEM RESET to install D8.
2. POKE 2924,101:POKE 2925,0:POKE 2926,101:POKE 2927,0:Rem Sets the correct number of free sectors
3. Call DOS. Format D8:. Check the directory. It should say 101 FREE SECTORS
4. Write DOS.SYS and DUP.SYS to D1 to save this. You can now use the ramdisk for files. I use it for the Dandy Dungeon Levels. I made a special version to use the ramdisk.
5. As an option, write DOS.SYS and DUP.SYS to D8. Delete DOS.SYS. Return to Basic. POKE 5439,56. This enables MEM.SAV. Return to DOS(it will be quick) and write DOS to another floppy to save this setup.

If you write more than 101 sectors, DOS will lockup. Press RESET to try again.
I also found out that this works with the 400/800 with 64K of ram.
Extracted from AACE Neuron October 1985.
Rick D.

Here are several versions DISKCOMMED:MYDOS 4.50.1M SNGL SNGL
There are a number of utilities for MYDOS in
UTILITIES. Two new as of 09SEP07!

Sparta DOS:
Manuals for SDX, MIO, and Sparta Construction set soon. Thanks to TheEditor.


Connect your A8 to an ST to emulate your drives with its hardware.
DJ800.html 380K zip.(16jun2k RLD), also at: umich archive This site is about software to let you connect your A8 to the ST to use its hard drive as virtual drives. You will need an SIO2PC compatible cable. There are no docs, just an info file, mostly development/bug fixes.
Version 2:revised 14Apr01:My notes on virtual Atari 8 SIO. or get it as a 300K zip file.
Ed Biaz has a review of his experiences at Good Deal Games.

Check out the Links section for others.

Calendar prints letter size months using user supplied pictures in micro illustrator format. RIXCAL.ARC 22K 05Jul99 {RLD} Version 2 soon-gray printing.

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