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UPDATES to 8 Ball[09SEP07]:

18Jan03:Updated APPS.
18Jan03:Updated UTILITIES. Added Foldercopy.
01Sep2K7:Added many new A8 products from Rix(see MTG).

ATARI/8 bit:
24Mar2007:Added those with YOUTUBE links. here.
15Mar2007:Updated emulation..peripherals and IPAQ. here.
27Jan2007:Added logs for irc chats at here.

01Sep2K6:Added several new A8 products from Rix(see MTG).
23Aug06:Added Advan Basic Link
14Dec03:Updated Atari software demos..with MP3 sounds.
01Dec03:Added 1 new A8 product from Rix(see MTG).
18Jan03:Updated A8 link list.
02Jan02:Updated Gamelink Design Center.
13Jan02:Added more ATR8000 newsletters(84-Jan revised, Feb; 85-Aug,Nov; 86-Feb, Sep)
24Aug02:Added Newell 1 Meg XL memory upgrade instructions so you might be able to fix yours.
24Aug02:Added a note about the Poland IDE drive interface.

Atari ST:
23Aug06:Added link to GFA Basic.

ATARI/Games Systems:
26Sep2K6:Updated the BJL pages, (USE)load error and (MOD)schematic.
31aug05:Added links to Lynx and Jag sections.
18Jan03:Updated Jaguar list.

07Mar02:Added Index to top of many pages.
11Jan02:Added this Update List