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Atari Game Systems:
NEW!!!!! Game Systems Vendor and Developer List...GameVendDev.txt

I am adding duplicates of my multiplayer games to my collection.

Here is my wish list:
Star Raiders |Port Atari 8 bit Star Raiders 1 and 2, and ST Star Raiders all in one cart!

Picture Gallery soon.

Here is a link for the Lynx emulator support, now at sourceforge:
Handy Handy.EXE(works 01dec01),
System rom System rom(gone 01dec01), Game Roms Game rom images(gone 01Dec01).
Sigh. I checked about 2 dozen links, and all were gone. If I don't find any that work soon, I'll post what I have here.

As I now have a pocket PC, one reason is to run a Handy Lynx emulator. PocketLynx does have its problems, but it runs...
Pocket Lynx is a pocket PC Lynx emulator. Here is a link to GAPI 1.2 that you need.
And links to older versions I think... , choose GAPI Emulation. And another source for GAPI.

Manufacturers of games:
TelegamesTelegames has released several new games.
Songbird SongBird has released several new games.
Duranik has a winter sports game that looks fantastic at their site. Only available using the BLL lynx loader I think.

Schematics are at:
Vezz-The Atari Hardware

Here is a FAQ that answers a lot of questions(booting, models).
Problem 1:Won't turn on:
Make sure you have a known good game cartridge inserted.
You may need to take the machine apart. The power connector has three pins soldered to the main pcb. These may have broken loose. Resolder.

Problem 2:Can't see the display:
Make sure the back light is on(button on Lynx 2). It may need to be repaired.

Here are links that worked as of 01Sep01:
Matthias Domins' Lynx page
JarJars pages on hints and cheats
JellyBeans (Aug2005)
by Cybernoid for the A8 is being ported to the Lynx. It will have networking later.
42Bastian Shicks page. BJL, SIMIS, CC65.(Sep2005)

I now have this system and several games for it. A great deal on Ebay. I am planning to get the cd player for it. I got Alien vs. Predator in July 2000 as a surprise. Once you get over creatures jumping out from every corner, snarling, spitting, and slashing, it goes pretty well. It's easy to get lost in time with this one. 01Jan02:I finally have a CD adapter for my Jag. Having fun with the vlm.

Picture Gallery soon.

Manufacturers of Games, Harware, and other Software:
SongbirdSongBird has released several new games.
More Than GamesMore Than Games makes BJL kits and adapters, and Audio/Video adapters.

Schematics are at:

Here are links that worked:
Matthias Domins' Jag page Matthias Domins' Jag page
Jaguar Programming Jaguar Programming
cheek cheek
JarJars pages on hints and cheats JarJars pages on hints and cheats
pic pic
Jaguar Interactive Jaguar Interactive
Linkovitch:Some repair of the CD Linkovitch:Some repair of the CD
5 Way Bios 5 way BIOS
CinepakWindows CinePak tool now updated.(27May2007)

BJL(Behind Jaggy Lines):Is a game/demo transfer setup. More info here. BJL

2005 Euro Jagfest-Matthias Domin

Picture Gallery soon.

2600 Labelmaker 2600 cartridge label maker(may09)

2600 Programming 2600 programming
Portable  2600 Portable 2600 Project
512 in 1 cart 512 in 1 cart. Getting a useful high rez clean pic for the circuit board pattern took a bit of work redoing the image and resizing, so I am posting my result here..pcb.
Audiovox 26002600 Audiovox speech device.
video a link for video upgrades.
aas gaming articleAP article on Gaming with a message(AAS 22Jan2007).
2600 Connection magazine 2600 Connection magazine.(27may07)
2600 Connection magazine 2600 Specifications. Great!.(30Aug2k7)

I do not have one and not involved with it at this time.
I do not have one and not involved with it at this time.

are for the controllers for various games. Print the picture in color or black/white(using a paint program, apply clear plastic tape or laminate sheeting to protect them, then cut out.
2600:(resolution=100 dpi) keypad(66K), Star Raiders(54K).
5200:(resolution=100 dpi) Galaxian(47K), Pacman(47K), Qix(43K), Super Breakout(44K).

Jaguar:(resolution=450 dpi)
(05June2008)I have rescanned at a higher resolution(450 dpi) and touched up the overlays I have. I am also presenting them in three versions as they get done:Original, the center hard black for those that want it, and center hard white because I don't like to print a lot of black areas to save ink, and black smears easily.
Alien vs. Predator
pic Alien(199K)
pic Marine(216K)
pic Predator(221K)

Alien vs. Predator
pic Alien(115K)
pic Marine(180K)
pic Predator(155K)

Alien vs. Predator
pic Alien(116K)
pic Marine(191K)
pic Predator(158K)

pic Cybermorph(159K)
pic Cybermorph(126K)
pic Cybermorph(124K)
pic Hoverstrike(211K)
pic Hoverstrike(189K)
pic Hoverstrike(195K)
pic Iron Soldier(176K)
Iron Soldier(??K)
Iron Soldier(??K)
(Jaguar Note:the tabs are lengthened so they can be bent to allow the overlay to sit flat on top of the raised keys.)

A publication with many articles on many systems, "Orphaned Computers & Game Systems". The OC&GS site .

Sega Genesis:
No where else to put a note about this great system I bought because of Sonic the Hedgehog. Now I can collect some games for it for $5.00. I would like the new Star Wars games on it, but even it is not being supported now. I have enough money in these incredible systems, I am NOT buying another new one any time soon. I love playing Sonic, Earthworm Jim, Anamainiacs. Have the games, but not the time to play much:Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Castlevania, Clue(I made play sheets for this-will post if interested), and Monopoly. 01Jan07:I have just acquired a generous gift of about 40 more Genesis titles. I am looking forward to trying them all out.