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The PROJECT files

Hardware projects for the Atari 8 bit and other computers.

29Jul05:Finally found a set of tools with hardened micro points for those really small screws. I got mine at Altex, but the mfr site is, part number 19101. Those cheapie sets of flat, philips, and hex in the clear/blue cases just don't last. I hope these do. Plus I needed other types.

Joystick port Projects:

---- This project uses an original/XL/XE to identify telephone callers with a Caller I.D. equipped line. Options include call count display, important caller alert, ring count, answering machine activation, digital voice response, secondary call placement(i.e. to cell phone or pager). Requires serial port.

Parallel Bus port Projects:

BusMeister-an interface/buffer for the PBI. Jun07:I don't know what it will have. Buffers to more devices..possibly i2c or rs485. Slots for 1 or 2 type I or II CF cards for hard disk drives. Joystick ports for an ext controller and real time clock. One 62 pin slot for a new graphics card...very maybe. Need to find info and chips.

SIO port Projects:

Speedio-a printer buffer.

Other Projects:

15Oct01:I am making progress on several things. Fujicase is almost done to a working stage one. Finished the case on the Studio II genlock, its now case mounted. I have a Lynx cart extender so I can prototype lynx cart hardware. I have a board so the BASIC rom can be replaced. I am making headway on the RF multiplexer(8 in, 4 out), and using flourescent displays for a clock.

Net-Link |an adapter thats lets you connect to the internet, directly. Programs will be released that support browsing, irc, telnet, and ftp. 15Oct01:I have a prototype board now ready for circuit design.

I have just about done with phase one. I am preparing the page with pictures of the new case I am making to house my Atari XL. I wanted to create a new case, but never liked the boxes that are common. It struck me one day that the ideal case would be in the shape of a Fuji(how many other brands can use their symbol to make a case!). So here is the current status of the project I started in April 1998. Some of it is on hold until the weather cools off some so I can work outside again. The electronics is still in the works.
FUJICASE with pics(35K)

I have painted several cases, XL so far, one is marble and one is leather.

Misc Schematics:

I will post old schematics for parts and devices here.

MK5030C Clock IC(92CU5069) |
Just an old surface mount clock chip I wanted to use one day.. Click here for GIF(55K).

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