This is the front of the assembled case. This is when I first realised that it was wider than I wanted, no choice since I must use existing hardware. But, until I can get stuff mounted inside, I can't know if I can make it thinner(I probably won't in this prototype!). The main factor is the 5 1/4" floppy drive-it needs about 6". An option is to mount it to the rear door where it will need about 2 1/2" which may still make it 8" deep, find a thin floppy, or use a 3.5" as temp storage with the future hard drive.
(A)Not seen is a double wall top panel where I will recess a handle.
(B)The logo will be backlit somehow. Also the five buttons will be in the rectangle below it. This was a boo boo. The router template got a little too close so the divider strip got eaten, but it can be fixed.
(C)The four knobs are in, and the displays are in, but only the last two have the tinted covers on.
(D)is one side where I need to cut it into slats.
(E)is the end for the fan/power supply on the bottom. The floppy would mount on the other side.