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Atari Portfolio:

Here is a list of Pofo files available, 35+ megs: (63K)FILES and article reprints:(3K)REPRINTS.
All soon to be on CD.

Help Files:
Here are some to get you connected(see links section):
(24K)Portfolio II, its younger brother
( 2K) On the road
( 5K) Transfer for ST, probably others too.
( 4K) Batch file, shortcuts, DOS cmds.
( 9K) Keeping it alive.
(12k) How to make a database.
(9)Portfolio Battery info, file 1.
(11K)Portfolio Battery info, file 2.
(7K)Portfolio Battery monitor, zipfile 1.
(4K)Portfolio Battery monitor, zipfile 2.

I took mine apart to see what was involved in upgrading memory, maybe a backlight(will order) or higher rez LCD(probably not.. would need a replacement display board and a driver.). Here are the pictures. I now have the chip to do the 512k upgrade, but will try to do it so the 128K stays as drive b. Probably make a little pcb for the chip. Notes are here pofo upgrades.

Main PCB top.
Main PCB bottom
Display PCB front. Info. on LCD.
Display PCB back

Here are some:Pofo Web Links
Linux Term
Port Home Page
Prog Lang 1, Hardware
Machine Room-specs
Smart Cards
I found schematics, 25Oct01! Look in downloads/hardware, however it does not include the LCD display board. The site is in czech(I think).
More hardware..parallel Zip driver(works great!), Compactflash, backlight!
And more hardware..another Zip driver, and lots more!