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Blade Runner:logo at mall store.
Childs Play 3(91):Lynx.
Cloak & Dagger(84):various computer store games and displays.
DARYL(85):800XL, Pole Position, games at lab.
If Looks Could Kill(91):Lynx.
Last Starfighter(84):Logo and game(remade into StarRaiders 2).
Northern Extreme:Lynx "Turbo Sub" screens.
Prime Risk:800/810 used to read (sleeveless) floppy at computer store.
Road Trip 8KRoad Trip(2000):T shirt.
Sexual Malice(93):520 ST.
T2(91):Portfolio used for hacking atm and lab vault.
Timewalk(82):800 running nuclear power station security.
Videodrome(83):800/810 at station tech shop on counter and game stuff in apt.