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Atari ST Computers:

Picture Gallery soon.

Here is some info that can help fix problems(won't turn on, stay in self test, keyboard troubles).
FIX #1:Lots of bombs? Keeps locking up? Getting directory windows that are empty? The first fix is from Atari: turn off the ST, pick it up 2 inches and drop onto a hard flat surface. Turn back on. This has fixed 90 % of the problems for me. Several tries may be needed. If this doesn't work, then the ST may have to be opened, the socketed chips carefully pried up a little, and then pushed back down.
FIX #2:No red light? Power supply. Make sure its plugged in to a working outlet.
FIX #3:Can't read or format a disk? Make sure its NOT a High Density (PC) disk. These will not work without a new drive and hardware/software changes.
FIX #4:Mouse reversing direction? Ghost virus.


I was having a horrid time with my Mega ST keyboard. I just rearranged the system and had to replace the coiled cable with a longer one(7' 6 wire data, flat so it doesn't get crimped when a cart is plugged in). It fixed almost all of the problems. I can actually touch type on it now.

Here is a link to an ST Blitter manual:Programmmers heaven. has more info.

ST schematics and hardware upgrades are at: Vezz-The Atari Hardware(Archived location)

Ethernet and Transfers:
There is some information on using Ethernet with the ST. Several involve a cartridge adapter or a DMA port adapter for an NE2000 compatible ISA card at Redelberger. Really interesting. I took the schematics and isa pinout info. and created my own combo pcb(pic). Used only for the cart port, it can be installed flat, or cut and a ribbon cable added. It was designed for tcp/ip and FTP, hope to look at PC to PC networking and create something more like it uses to browse folders/files. Docs says about 100KB/sec transfer rate, which is much better than about 3800B/S using null modem, and much faster than via floppy. Should help get all of the library floppies over to burn to CD.
Summer 2003:Finally got STing to work. Install it alone. Then add in ethernec driver. Just remember to turn modem to "inactive" if you don't use it for tcp/ip as other transfers will not work! Haven't tested the adapter again. Sigh.

Another set up is a set of .tar.gz(lprcard*.*) files I got help on extracting(found at umich archives) to use a dlink parallel interface with the cartridge port. The picture schematics are low rez and almost useless. It adds a little to Ethernet on the ST, but compared to the one above, is extremely complex.

I found Para2000.lzh, a set of programs for ST and PC to transfer files using the parallel port at about 6 megabytes a minute. Here is the readme file:Para2000.txt. And here is the zipfilepara2000.ZIP.
So far, I haven't gotten this to work. The PC side at most says Unknown Command error 4, and the ST side either says BUSY or a list of what I suppose is drives, but not my setup. And I haven't gotten any command prompt yet. Oh, when you can exit, it doesn't reset your screen colors.

2005:Latest thing is to use the Lantronix serial port to ethernet adapter. Translates modem strings.

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